Friday, December 10, 2010


I have already mentioned the first annual Brain Buster Awards (did you vote yet? GOGOGO), and you may have already seen's day-by-day look back at 2010, but I will be doing my very own Year In Review in the coming days (second annual! suck it, Brain Busters! (I should keep in mind that I am a part of the Brain Busters)).

If you read my 2009 Year In Review, you've got a pretty good handle on what this year's will entail. I try to make it unlike any other year-end wrap-up out there, but not in any kind of controversial Eric Bischoff crappy way, but just in the fact that it won't be awards or lists or any of that stuff that's popular and people like to read, ah crap I'm already regretting this.

But seriously. I find it hard to make lists of any kind, so ranking an entire year's worth of events is a task I'm not up to. What I try and do is just look back on what I found the most interesting, entertaining, and memorable moments and people of the past twelve months. Here's how it'll go:

As I feel like it (it's a tight ship I run here), I'll toss up a post with a tag and a subject and just go with it. No countdowns or rankings or whatnot. Last year's tags were Moments, Stars, News, Feuds, Transformed, FML, Letdowns, Live, Videos, and Matches. Those will likely stay pretty similar, maybe with a couple added in.

I look forward to talking about probably the exact same things that everyone else will be talking about over the next couple of weeks. Sweet!

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