Wednesday, December 15, 2010


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This is not good. When I read that an ROH guy was injured and wouldn't make Final Battle, I said a little prayer for Kevin Steen and El Generico. So this in fact could be a lot worse, but it's still a bummer.

Omega's matches this weekend were going to be highlights for sure - he was scheduled to face the current ROH World Champion Roderick Strong in Plymouth, and former ROH Television Champion Eddie Edwards in New York at Final Battle. Thankfully, the Plymouth card already has another marquee match in the Kings of Wrestling vs. The American Wolves, and Final Battle has their three EPIC main events, so this isn't so bad (or at least as dire as when KENTA was injured last year and they had to scramble to fill his shoes, which they did admirably by bringing in Nakajima).

Speaking of which, you pretty much have to treat Kenny Omega like he's a Japan star now with the amount of time he spends working there. It's a rarity to have him on an ROH card these days, so in that respect, he's much like a KENTA or a Nakajima - which makes me wonder how they'll go about replacing him. If it either KENTA or Nakajima were injured and needed replacing at an ROH show (and iPPV, no less), ROH would be scrambling to get a big name to fill that spot.

Hopefully it doesn't come to just shifting guys around (i.e. cancelling Andy Ridge's final "Trial Series" match to have Daniels vs. Strong in Plymouth, and throwing Edwards into the Cabana/Perkins match at Final Battle, or something). Because it'd be nice to have someone step in and take Omega's spot that could bring it like he can (I'm sure ROH are thinking and hoping for the same thing).

I will say though, that if they can't get someone big to step up and take Omega's place, it's not that bad. It's super short notice, I'm sure money would be an issue, and to be fair, both cards (Final Battle especially) are stacked and will be great with or without Omega or an equal replacement.

Here's hoping that Kenny Omega gets better soon and can come back better than ever.

And here's hoping that once his ankle is healed he'll still be able to be a real life Zangief.

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