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Even though the switch happened a while ago, this is my first time participating in the Future Endeavors Power Poll (formerly the WrestleSpective Power Poll).

Every week I, along with several other wrestling blogs (including my blogging Bro Shiozaki, TH of The Wrestling Blog), will be sending in my top ten wrestlers to Don Owens of Future Endeavors. My votes are compiled with those of the other bloggers and that gives us the Power Poll. Here's this week's rankings (go to Future Endeavors to view the official write-up, and check out the Future Endeavors Podcast, where this week you can win tickets to the Royal Rumble (holy sweet).

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1. The Miz
2. John Cena
3. Randy Orton
4. Wade Barrett
5. Edge
6. Alberto Del Rio
7. Rey Mysterio
8. Sheamus
9. John Morrison
10. Kane

1. The Miz
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Rey Mysterio on RAW; took candy from a baby (or a Slammy from a young girl, whatever you prefer); set up the table that David Arquette was put through.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: In exchange for the most priceless reaction ever captured on WWE TV (and maybe the most meme'd WWE image in recent memory), The Miz made that girl's effing year; couldn't even begin to contain his excitement of being WWE Champion when he appeared on Jimmy Fallon; is making the best out of a very forced and unnecessary table stipulation.

2. John Cena
- IN KAYFABE: Was rehired! (I was hoping for weeks of skits where John Cena tried to get hired by different departments in the WWE); def. David Otunga on RAW; beat David Otunga with a steel chair for a Bret Hart amount of time; won two Slammys: the "Holy $%^$ (insert your own vulgarity) Move of the Year" Award, and Superstar of the Year.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Did a good job of promoting his _______ match with Wade Barrett by using a _______ on David Otunga, while Wade Barrett posed with a ________; (this formula can and will be applied to any themed PPV in the future).

3. Randy Orton
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Alex Riley and former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Big Van Vader David Arquette in a handicap match on RAW; put David Arquette through a table via deadlift powerbomb.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Was ROBBED (and he knows it) of the Holy Rusted Metal Batman Move of the Year Slammy for his Shooting Star Press interrupting RKO; Did a good job of promoting his _______ match with The Miz by using a _______ on David Arquette, while The Miz posed with a ________; (okay this one didn't work as well, but you catch my drift).

4. Edge
- IN KAYFABE: Teamed with Rey Mysterio to defeat Alberto Del Rio in a handicap match on Smackdown!; def. Jack Swagger on RAW; presented and won the Slammy for the "Oh Snap! Meltdown of the Year"; was an accomplice in the murder of Paul Bearer.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Was hilarious with Christian on RAW (plus, EDGE AND CHRISTIAN!!); was hilarious with Paul Bearer and Kane on Smackdown and by hilarious I mean the exact opposite like Matt Striker would say.

5. Dolph Ziggler
- IN KAYFABE: Had a fantastic Intercontinental Title defence against Kofi Kingston on Smackdown!; teamed with Ted DiBiase in a losing effort against Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston on RAW.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Did anyone else notice the presence of mind of Dolph Ziggler in that tag match? Ted DiBiase rolled out of the ring, clearly injured (or maybe he just needed a quick peek up Maryse's skirt, I don't know) while Daniel Bryan was making the hot tag to Kofi. With DiBiase the legal man and nowhere to be found, Ziggler hit the ring and took all of Kofi's house of fire spots, including the pinfall, which he clearly was NOT supposed to take, given that Ted DiBiase did everything he could to try and break it up. Kudos to that referee for just counting the fall with Ziggler as the illegal man, in lieu of a much more awkward finish. Not only that but Ziggler continues to be one of the most reliable guys in terms of putting on a good match. He bumps like Shawn Michaels if all of Shawn Michaels' body was on fire. If that makes sense. Okay that's enough. I've used enough insider terms for this post. Maybe for the week. MOVING ON

6. Jack Swagger
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Kaval on Smackdown!; def. by Edge on RAW; cost Kofi Kingston the Intercontinental Championship.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: I wish he was still with the Eagle.

7. "Dashing" Cody Rhodes
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Mark Henry on RAW; could not break the Masterlock in the Masterlock Challenge.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: He is a ticking time bomb of awesome. I mean he's already awesome, what with his Ric Flair selling of his face being touched, his mirrored jacket that he DEMANDS Tony Chimel to hold while he checks for bumps and scratches, and of course his attempt at filing down Chris Masters' nails. But what I mean is this - how long before we get a Goldust/Cody feud? That would easily tear the house down in every aspect, be it promos, matches, everything. And we're also just moments away from any feud that will be built around fucking up Cody's face - give this guy a black eye and he'll sell it like a maniac. I really feel like next year will be his year.

8. Kofi Kingston
- IN KAYFABE: Def. Dolph Ziggler by DQ on Smackdown - unable to capture the IC strap, thanks to Jack Swagger; teamed with Daniel Bryan to defeat Ted DiBiase and Dolph Ziggler on RAW; interrupted CM Punk's MOMENT.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Had an awesome match with Ziggler; tore it up with the American Dragon against DiBiase and Ziggler; didn't do much else really... uh, yeah.

9. Alberto Del Rio
- IN KAYFABE: Def. by Edge and Rey Mysterio when stupid Kane BETRAYED HIM. STUPID KANE; showed up on RAW to cost Rey Mysterio a win against The Miz... but you already knew that.
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Him showing up on RAW for two seconds to cost Rey Mysterio a match is better than half the shit that happens on RAW.

10. Daniel Bryan
- IN KAYFABE: Teamed with Kofi Kingston to defeat Dolph Ziggler and Ted DiBiase; won a Slammy for what he got fired for!
- OUT OF KAYFABE: Debuted a new shirt. Uh... that's... that's all. HE'S THE AMERICAN DRAGON PEOPLE. He deserves my vote. Although I was very close to giving it to CM Punk for his commentary and Slammy acceptance speech. I'm giddy with anticipation for whatever feud CM Punk is keeping a secret from us right now. Who's he talkin' about? I assumed at first Daniel Bryan, since they were going to feud before he got injured (or so goes the rumour), but Brandon Stroud is convinced that it's John Cena, with John Cena "wronging" CM Punk by spilling his diet soda. Sign me up for either of those and let's call it a year.

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