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It is time.

Much like many of my fellow bloggers, I am taking a look back at the past year in the world of professional wrestling. However, unlike many of my fellow bloggers (like The Wrestling Blog's BLOGGIE Awards, Kick-Out Radio's Kick-Outie's and WrestleSpective's Brain Buster Awards), these are not awards. I find it impossible to definitively decide one thing is better than another when it comes to a year's worth of wrestling, so this is what you get - me rambling about random things that happened this year with vague categories tagged on that make it at least kinda feel like a proper year in review!

Kicking off my completely unorganized, non-award-giving, non-top-ten-list-doing, retrospective for the year 2010 is...

Photo -

Or maybe it should be...

Photo -

Okay, I'll just stick with the first one. But if the RKO was a person, it'd be appearing as the second guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, because it'd be the most over guy in the company.

Hmm... actually, let's take a look at Randy Orton's year vs. Randy Orton's RKO's year:

- Tweened for the start of the year
- Lost to Sheamus at the Royal Rumble via DQ
- Was eliminated first in the RAW Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber
- Feuded with his own stable - which turned him face (er, somehow)
- Defeated his own proteges at WrestleMania - that'll teach 'em!
- Lost to Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules
- Separated his own shoulder by taunting
- Lost at Fatal 4-Way to Sheamus, John Cena and Edge
- Def. Edge and Chris Jericho on RAW to become #1 Contender to Sheamus' WWE Title in a fantastic TV match
- Still didn't beat Sheamus for the title at SummerSlam
- Was suddenly booked stronger than anyone ever in his road to Night of Champions by putting everyone through tables and RKOing the trunks (or jorts) off everyone in sight
- Became WWE Champion at Night of Champions
- Finally beat Sheamus at Hell In A Cell
- Was the awkward third wheel in a John Cena/Nexus feud
- Lost the WWE Title to The Miz, when he cashed in his Money In The Bank contract

Looks like kind of a whatever year for Orton, right? Well let's look at the RKO's year:

- RKO'd Meatloaf
- RKO'd Wayne Brady
- RKO'd Michael Cole
- RKO'd The Miz after an emasculating slap in the face, then said STUPID STUPID STUPID (he needs to get that over as a real catchphrase because it's way better than saying R... K... O... really slowly, or even better than how he says the word "skull"), then he almost said MOTHERFUCKER on PG WWE TV.
- RKO'd Sheamus' grandmother, Randy Orton's grandmother (in Randy Orton's fucked up mind)
- Hit four (FOUR) RKO's in under a minute
- RKO'd literally everyone else
- Every RKO got an explosive seizure reaction from the crowd

Whether it's the RKO or the man himself, Randy Orton had people backflipping out of their seats whenever he came out to the ring. He was among only a few guys this year who could get a guaranteed hot reaction with every match or RKO to a random wrestler or D-list celebrity. He may not have had the best matches this year (his match vs. Edge & Jericho probably being the only true standout, which is tough considering he was WWE champ for a good chunk of the year), but he had starpower to spare.

2011 could be an even bigger year for Orton with an epic feud with The Miz on the horizon. But I think he'd be best used if he just handed out RKO's like Shawn Michaels hands out superkicks to random civilians.

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