Saturday, November 13, 2010


Don't look if you don't wanna be spoiled, fellers. Because I'm about to bust this piece wide open.

Here's a mural of Razor Ramon to distract you before I spoil everything directly underneath it.

Credit: This guy's Tumblr, I guess? I don't know, that's where I found it, okay chico?

Okay, we good now? Good.

Tonight in Dearborn, Michigan... Eddie Edwards defeated five other men to become this year's winner of Survival of the Fittest.

But that's not all. Oh no.

He did it... WITH A DISLOCATED SHOULDER. Or torn. Or fractured. Depending on which tweet you read. Either way, he proved once again that he is the toughest motherfucker going right now.

If I could take you back to last year, right around this time, actually... Eddie broke his elbow just minutes into an Anything Goes match with Kevin Steen. He finished that match, wrestled the next night in the infamous LADDER WAR II and came out on top, because he is a superhero psychopath.

And now tonight, he wins SOTF 2010 with his shoulder completely obliterated. This is Eddie Edwards' time (as correctly (read: incorrectly) predicted by TH of The Wrestling Blog! Way to go, TH!).

So should we pencil in Davey Richards' ROH World Title win at Final Battle then? It's gotta be just a matter of time until the American Wolves meet in the ring for a rematch of their classic HDNet battle, except this time they'll be deciding the ROH World Championship, instead of the TV Title.

I won't make any predictions just yet. But I am excited to see this show. And I'm even MORE excited to see the show tomorrow night in Toronto. GUYS I AM EXCITED CAN TOU TELL

I'll have some kind of review up after the show as well, so keep checking back for that.

Also, can someone tell me why my I get malware warnings whenever I try to go to the ROH Message Board? Has it become so snarky that even my computer is like "dude just don't go there it's not worth it."? I wouldn't be surprised.

UPDATE: Mike of World Champion of Something (and creator of the awesome PIZZABODYSLAM banner you see above) did me a big solid and sent me this picture he snapped at last night's show. Here's Eddie with his SOTF trophy (thanks Mike!):


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