Friday, November 12, 2010


Last night, Jason Mann of WrestleSpective and myself recorded an interview for WrestleSpective Radio, and since he is ninja-fast, it's already online!

We talk about TONS of things, including how we each got into wrestling, why we're defending the new TNA title, 1997 WWF (and why I believe it's the greatest year in WWF history), how I'm on an ROH DVD cover and I slam Jeff Jarrett for no apparent reason at the end of it all! Sorry bud.

Definitely check it out, I had a blast doing it - thanks to Jason for having me as well.

In other WrestleSpective news, I've been missing out on the Power Poll for the last little while, but I should be back on track very soon.

So yeah. You can hear the interview here, and you can visit WrestleSpective here! Do those things.

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