Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Last Friday I saw the RAW brand put on a fun show at the Air Canada Centre here in Toronto. You can read my live report (I feel stupid calling it that because I am by no means (any means at all (try and find me a mean, I dare you)) a journalist) over at where I talk about how Edge sang O Canada and how I forgot to talk about how Chris Jericho talked on someone else's cell phone that was thrown in the ring.

So, here's some pictures from the show. Although none were even in the same league as this one I snapped when Smackdown! came to Hamilton last year:

Okay, on with the pics:

Tried getting a good shot of that pretty awesome Sheamus/Beaker sign

Jericho talking on someone's cell phone

Crackin' wise with fans. He was hilarious all night.

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