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Before I kick off this review and spoil everything that happened, I should mention that you can still catch the replay by ordering the event from GoFightLive.TV right here. And you should most definitely do that. I don't really need to do a review, I guess, if the point of the review is to make you, the reader, decide if you should order the show. But I'm still going to do one to try and get my blog over like the nerd I am!


First, the quick results. Then, the announcements made at the show. Then, the highlights of the show. Then, that's it actually.

1. Kenny King def. Jay Briscoe with the Royal Flush
2. Mark Briscoe def. Rhett Titus with the Cut Throat Driver
3. Erick Stevens & The Necro Butcher (representing the Embassy) def. Grizzly Redwood & Ballz Mahoney (representing the carnival) when Stevens pinned Ballz
4. El Generico & Colt Cabana def. Kevin Steen & Steve Corino in a Double Chain Match when Corino submitted to Cabana's Billy Goat's Curse
5. Eddie Edwards def. Shawn Daivari (representing the Embassy) to retain his ROH World Television Title when Daivari submitted to the Achilles Lock
6. Christopher Daniels def. Austin Aries with a SUPER Angel's Wings
7. ROH World Tag Team Champions "The Kings of Wrestling" Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli def. "Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team" Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas via a "loaded" elbow pad shot
8. Roderick Strong def. Tyler Black to win the ROH World Championship after a Sick Kick.

- Final Battle 2010 will be on December 18th and will be live on iPPV once again via GoFightLive.
- Davey Richards has resigned with ROH and will face the Ring of Honor World Champion at Final Battle 2010.
- Homicide has returned to Ring of Honor.

- The ROARING HOT New York crowd to kick off the show. No one can bring the heat like NYC. Unfortunately, by the same token, no one can bring the "twinkies" chant and weird, douchey hecklers (TNA! TNA! and UFC! UFC! were particularly annoying) like NYC.
- Kenny King and Jay Briscoe almost ACCIDENTALLY redoing the Benoit/Sabu spot from ECW when Sabu broke his neck. Looked fatal. As I wondered if King was okay, he landed on his feet out of a monkey flip as if he was inside my head. Thanks Kenny!
- Mark Briscoe's corkscrew senton to the outside hitting 5% Rhett Titus and 95% tailbone-on-ringside-floor. Me may develop arse-ritis.
- Mark Briscoe delivering a top rope - literally both men on the top rope, sounds easy, looks super insane - Ace Cutter to Rhett Titus.
- Titus taking the Cut Throat Driver entirely on his head.
- Erick Stevens gorilla-pressing Grizzly Redwood to the outside for Necro Butcher to catch him. No wait, he didn't catch him, he PUNCHED HIM IN THE FACE and let him fall to the floor! My. God.
- Ballz Mahoney bashing people with countless seven dollar beers.
- Eddie Edwards' overness. And badass suicide dive onto Daivari.
- The bloodbath that was the Double Chain Match. Holy hell yes. From the awesome brawling to Generico's top rope somersault plancha to the outside on Steen (that extra step he did scared the living shit out of me), to Steen pulling Generico off the top through a table, to everything else, this was a goddamned war just as promised.
- Austin Aries' tweenin' promo on Christopher Daniels, revealing that Daniels was the one to dub him "A Double." So Aries, in fine A Double form, says that Daniels should be dubbed "CD" because much like the CD, Daniels is obsolete.
- Aries falling victim to Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome, because throughout the whole match I thought he was working his back injury... but... he just was injured. Or was selling in the most believable way of all time. Wait, maybe I fell victim to the Boy Who Cried Wolf syndrome...
- Daniels' absolutely devastating-looking top rope Angel's Wings to Aries. If Aries was indeed hurt throughout this match, this only compounded what appeared to be some serious discomfort. Or I am just a big dumb mark (likely the case!).
- Just everything about the Dream Tag Match between the Kings of Wrestling and WGTT. The crowd was truly electric, creating an atmosphere that elevated this match to a whole new territory. From the chain wrestling to the crazy double team sequences to the long build to hot tags that got the ROH faithful, a fan base that is usually numb to the hot tag spot, out of their seats. The finish was perfect - the match was promoted as a dream match, one that would be one of the Kings' toughest challenges, but the champs went over and there's room for a rematch. The belts were put over for how competitive the match was. The champs were put over because they won and outsmarted the team that hadn't teamed in years (and the start of the match told this story with Hero and Claudio getting the best of WGTT through double-teaming and heel tag tactics like pulling the rope down and cutting off the ring). Fantastic match.
- I literally can't even list all of my favourite parts of the tag match.
- Charlie Haas' elbow drop to Shane Hagadorn's taint (this was after the match).
- Jim Cornette on commentary for the main event just amped things up even more. He can hype me up for anything. I need a Jim Cornette alarm or something for the morning.
- Tyler Black's constant middle fingers to the New York crowd. This must've been the most cathartic experience in this history of independent wrestling.
- YOU CAN'T SEE ME from Tyler Black, right into an STF, drawing some very real boos. And eventually there was a "LET'S GO TYLER! - TYLER SUCKS!" duelling chant that I can't tell if it was a Cena reference or not, because I don't think I've ever heard anyone else's name used in that chant.
- Tyler hitting the Superplex and going for the Superplex-roll-into-God's-Last-Gift-combo-of-glory when Roddy counters with a fighting spirit brainbuster. Just. Madness.
- Todd Sinclair getting kicked off the fucking planet! He flew through the air and apparently obliterated his shoulder. Get well soon, feller.
- People complaining about Funk's count speed. What the fuck else did you expect from someone nearly crippled (and middle aged and crazy) from 800 years of wrestling? In fact, I honestly thought it made it more suspenseful.
- Roderick Strong finally doing what no one thought he would do, after fifteen (I believe) attempts, capturing the Ring of Honor World Championship.
- Tyler Black's final swan song - DOUBLE MIDDLE FINGERS TO THE WORLD.

An awesome, awesome show. It definitely made watching RAW tonight a little difficult (even though it had some really fun stuff). It's a shame there were issues again with the feed (and the replay), but GoFightLive has owned up to it, so no real blame can be placed with ROH.

Final Battle should be yet another great show from ROH, especially if we get Davey/Roddy, a WGTT/KOW rematch for the belts and Homicide's return to NYC. We should get the ever impending Davey/Daniels match that's been teased since the Big Bang somewhere down the road too.

Final thought: watch this show.

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