Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This recap is a little late since the latest VideoWire came out while I was away, and I just watched it today. But it's jam-packed with all kinds of promo goodness, so let's watch it together, shall we? C'mon! Join me! Weee!

- More real talk with Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. No one has more conviction in his or her voice than Davey Richards. And it's not because he's ranting and raving (but don't get me wrong, I love me some ranting and raving - wrestling was founded on ranting and raving!), but it's because he's so calm and collected that you just believe what he's saying. It is true when people say (or when Davey himself says) that Davey doesn't believe in face/heel dynamics. He just tells it like it is, and that's what makes his character fucking awesome.
- Tyler Black says "YOU'RE HIRRRRRED" in a Vince McMahon growl.
- Kevin Steen does the unthinkable - a bang-on Roderick Strong impression. He also continues to be the most believable "crazy" heel in recent memory by acting legitimately insane. Because crazy heels only seem crazy when they're not going around being like, "I'm crazy I love to hurt people whoaaaa!" (I'm looking at you, Eli Cottonpecker). The craziest people think they're completely sane.
- Jon Davis stares blankly into the camera looking completely pissed off and apathetic at the same time.
- Just like they themselves said, it's not even worth bragging or talking about how good the Kings of Wrestling are in this promo, because it's not even fun anymore. "Here lies your demise, close your eyes because Kings. Reign. Supreme."
- A Briscoe Brothers family reunion. Or maybe it's just a tailgating party. Either way it's the Briscoes drinking beers with people in a parking lot, and it's as hilarious as you're imagining right now.

- Austin Aries & The All-Nite Express. :(

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