Friday, February 11, 2011


Listen to me and K Sawyer Paul of Footnotes of Wrestling talk about wrestling for over an hour (or you could plan your day more reasonably and listen to just a bit of it, because holy crap c'mon what). Click here to listen to the episode.

We talk about a lot of things, including:
- The impossible task of being a writer for a wrestling show
- Wrestlers as both the actor and the character in a story
- The WCW World Title being vacated eleventy billion times
- We mention Toronto a lot
- I read aloud the most offensively hilarious tweet by Kevin Nash and immediately regret it

Definitely check it out, and make sure to subscribe on iTunes.

Also, in case you missed it, I'm on tumblr now too. I can't talk about wrestling in enough different ways apparently. Maybe I'll just start postering telephone poles with top ten lists of my all-time favourite dropkicks or something.

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