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Every week I, along with several other wrestling blogs (including my blogging Bro Daddy Cool (he's gonna be a dad so that's even more relevant than I planned!), TH of The Wrestling Blog), will be sending in my top ten wrestlers to Don Owens of Future Endeavors. My votes are compiled with those of the other bloggers and that gives us the Power Poll. Here's this week's rankings (go to Future Endeavors to view the official write-up) and don't forget to check out the Future Endeavors Podcast.



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1. Alberto Del Rio

2. Jerry "The King" Lawler

3. The Miz

4. John Morrison

5. Edge

6. CM Punk

7. Dolph Ziggler

8. John Cena

9. Daniel Bryan

10. Diesel


1. Alberto Del Rio

- IN KAYFABE: Won the Royal Rumble (it was his destiny); lost to Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown when Kane abandoned him (this wasn't about destiny I don't think); decided he would face Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania (back to destiny again); exploded an acoustic guitar over Edge's shoulder and then armbarred his arm out of his arm (this is just something that wrestlers do sometimes).

- OUT OF KAYFABE: Between his Royal Rumble celebration ("ALBERTO DEL RIOO!! ALBERTO DEL RIOOO!! ALBERTO DELLL RIOOOOO!!!!"), his Royal Rumble "exhibition" on SmackDown that lead to a fantastic tag team match, and his opening segment on RAW with the mariachi band and the attack on Edge, he was on in every way imaginable this week.

2. John Morrison

- IN KAYFABE: Was eliminated in two types of "Rumbles."

- OUT OF KAYFABE: Still managed to write the book "How Not to Get Eliminated From a Battle Royal: The John Morrison Story" - His barrier-clutching Royal Rumble elimination save was incredible. All of the handstand/ankle-dangling/etc. he pulled in the Royal Rumble turned him into some kind of Battle Royal freak of nature. The next time he's in a Battle Royal, I want to see guys grabbing him by the ankles and trying to force his feet to the ground, just to make sure he doesn't pull off some kind of Nightcrawler BAMF trickery.

3. Dolph Ziggler

- IN KAYFABE: Was RKO'd on SmackDown; also lost to Randy Orton and Edge (teaming with Miz); lost to Edge at the Royal Rumble; entered the Royal Rumble somehow (as the historic first-ever #31 entrant) and was eliminated by the Big Show (not quite as historic).

- OUT OF KAYFABE: Had the match of the night at the Royal Rumble. Also, I never thought that something I'd enjoy watching is a guy falling down on purpose in a non-funny way, but no one does it better than Dolph.

4. CM Punk

- IN KAYFABE: Didn't win the Royal Rumble, but he did eliminate the most people (along with Cena) AND logged the most time in the match. I thought that this would be one of the first times that this had happened, but it's not. Triple H, Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Steve Austin (three times), Kane, and Shawn Michaels have all done the same, with Mysterio, Benoit, Austin and Benoit being the only ones to also win the Rumble in the same night as well. Fun facts. Punk also cost Randy Orton a win against The Miz, and promised serious consequences for Orton after Husky Harris got punted off TV I mean in the head.

- OUT OF KAYFABE: There have been some classic #1 and #2 Rumble spots before. Eddie and Benoit. Ax and Smash. HBK and Taker. HBK and Bulldog. HBK and Jericho. Okay a lot of them have included Shawn Michaels. Scott Steiner and Samu. You get the point. Ten years from now I can only assume that we'll add CM Punk and Daniel Bryan to that list. Punk was, once again, one of the highlights of the Royal Rumble match this year. His directing of the New Nexus and expressions when guys like Booker T and Khali and Cena came out were priceless. He could be as big of a crossover star that they've had if they continue to believe in him.

5. John Cena

- IN KAYFABE: Tied Punk for most eliminations in the Royal Rumble; was eliminated by The Miz in the Royal Rumble; told Michael Cole his boy is "done" (does that mean murder?!?); was eliminated by Jerry Lawler; didn't tell anyone that Jerry Lawler is a boy or done; cost Miz his match with by shouting from a great distance.

- OUT OF KAYFABE: Received a blistering hot reaction for eliminating all of the New Nexus and having an epic staredown with Punk before ultimately eliminating him too; received a not so hot reaction for his epic staredown with Randy Orton. In fact it was like we were deep in space where sound doesn't exist.

6. The Miz

- IN KAYFABE: Def. Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble to retain his WWE Title; eliminated John Cena from the Royal Rumble, despite not being in it himself; lost to Orton and Edge on SmackDown (along with Ziggler); lost to Edge on RAW when the voice of John Cena interfered.

- OUT OF KAYFABE: His match with Orton wasn't nearly as good as the Edge/Ziggler contest that preceded it; his elimination of Cena was cool; he did other things too, I kinda forget. Ah well.

7. Daniel Bryan

- IN KAYFABE: Was the second entrant in the Rumble, following Punk who eventually eliminated him; def. Tyson Kidd on RAW; taught Derrick Bateman how to go a guillotine choke, convinced Gail Kim to also teach Bateman the choke, then exclaimed, "when you do submissions... it's so HOT!" and then proceeded to make out with her in a moment that I swear I didn't make up.

- OUT OF KAYFABE: I love him like a brother.

8. Edge

- IN KAYFABE: Beat Dolph Ziggler without using the SPEAR to retain his World Heavyweight Title; teamed with Randy Orton beat Miz and Ziggler on SmackDown; beat Miz on RAW; had his arm smashed into obliteratitry when Alberto Del Rio smashed a guitar over it and slapped on the armbar.

- OUT OF KAYFABE: Put on one of his best matches in a long time against Ziggler at the Rumble - taking away the Spear might be the best thing to happen to him at this stage.

9. Santino Marella

- IN KAYFABE: Was the LAST MAN ELIMINATED FROM THE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH; with Vladimir Kozlov, def. Harris & McGuillicutty on RAW.

- OUT OF KAYFABE: The finish of the Rumble was fucking hilarious and absurd and also somehow crazy over with the live crowd. I like that Santino can be a good guy and a punchline and the last man to be eliminated in the Royal Rumble all at the same time.

10. Diesel

- IN KAYFABE: Returned at the Royal Rumble; was eliminated by Wade Barrett, who wouldn't just take a step back and let the man snake eyes some people!

- OUT OF KAYFABE: Got probably the first-ever "LET'S GO DIESEL" chant in wrestling history.

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