Tuesday, February 22, 2011


You can now read my thoughts on RAW (in a very simple "woo" vs. "boo" format) over at Fair To Flair. That's where most of my posts will be ending up. I thought of posting the review here in it's entirety as well, but you know that I'm way too lazy to do that. But, for fun, here's a preview of the things I say at FTF:

"Seriously though. Michael Cole calling out Jerry Lawler’s DEAD FOR ONLY A WEEK AND A DAY MOTHER was exactly the kind of crazy insensitive shit I want to see on my TV. I’m sure there are marks and smarks and whatever other words we can end in “arks” that are pulling their hair out over how wrong it is to bring up someone’s dead mother or someone else’s children or whatever the FRIG else - it’s what wrestling was practically founded on and I love it. Let’s get crazy unforgivably real and watch people fake-beat-each-other-up over it—it’s wrestling at it’s goddamned finest."

Other site notes: Elimination Chamber prediction results will be up shortly. I don't know if I'll do a review. I feel kinda weird doing one after doing a RAW review. And I don't want to waste any time that could be used watching Triple H crotch chop in slow motion.

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