Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I think I'm the last of the four of us to post this on our individual blogs, but Jason Mann of Wrestlespective, K. Sawyer Paul of Footnotes of Wrestling and Razor of Kick-Out!! are all joining forces and bringing you Fair To Flair. Why? Well, to be honest, I couldn't put it better than Jason did in the site's introduction. I'm PUMPED you guys. There will be articles, podcasts and a quarterly for purchase. This is the most grown-up thing I've done in my life and it's about fake fighting in your underwear, so that should give you a glimpse into my existence.

I'll still be posting here as well, much of which will also appear on Fair To Flair. My RAW review is one of those things (which will be up tomorrow morning).

If you are interested in pro wrestling discussion that isn't about news and scoops, or ratings and rumours, or spoilers and unjust cynicism, then look no further than Fair To Flair. If you like hyperbole and caps lock, then just stay here, because I have more of that than you could fit in a BILLION MATT HARDY TUMMIES LOL. See?

So always remember, be Fair To Flair.

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