Monday, May 24, 2010


I swear I'm not. I'm perfectly alive and typing words as we speak (I'm not speaking though because that would be weird. Unless if I was in one of those movies where people speak what they type. Or narrate it in their brains like Doogie Howser).

I've been away (Europe) for two weeks with limited internet, and it has smashed my blog into obliteratitry. It's difficult to write about wrestling with very little time and internet, all the while trying desperately to avoid spoilers for shows that you've yet to download and watch (including last night's Over The Limit).

Speaking of Over The Limit, my ambitious Year-Long PPV Prediction Game has already had a hiccup, since I didn't post anything about that. But, that shouldn't matter too much, as I'll just do the next one and pretend Over The Limit didn't even happen.

I'll be back in fine form (more hilarious and awesome than ever!!!11w2ex3) very soon, including some kind of write-up of last night's PPV, as well as all of the regular features I churn out.

As a gesture of forgiveness for being gone so long, here is a video of Matt Hardy rapping.

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