Monday, November 30, 2009


Well holy damnit.

I was away all week, with very limited internet, but still managed to hear about how great this match was. I read so much hyperbole (or what I thought to be hyperbole) that I worried my expectations would be raised impossibly high, and it wouldn't live up. Not only that, but sadly I don't get HDNet, so I also feared that watching the match on YouTube alone in my room (I have friends I swear guys) would take away from what a lot of people were championing as one of the top TV main events of the year.

Instead of that happening, I almost felt weird about how giddy I was lying on my bed with my laptop, popping (trying not to use wrestling lingo too much in fear of sounding like a dink) over just about every fast-paced move in this match, to the point where I damn near scared the cat-piss out of my cat, and I don't even own a cat.

Okay, hyperbole aside, the match truly delivered and legitimately excited me enough to exclaim out loud, despite being huddled away in my room. It was also nice to see the Philly crowd, who were pretty flat up until the main event, get rowdy for the Bucks and the Wolves.

If you didn't see it, see it here and try and tell me that at least one of your nipples didn't get hard. I dare you.

- mitts

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