Monday, November 30, 2009


I'm moving places tomorrow. Part of me is super excited, because the place is a palace compared to the hole in the ground I currently "live" (read: rot away in the dark) in. The other part of me is not as excited, only because, as everyone knows, the actual act of moving sucks my butt.

But hopefully I'll give myself a break from packing to sit down and watch RAW. I missed last week, which on paper (or laptop screen) sounded like one of the more fresh and exciting shows in quite a while. Here's my very serious predictions for tonight's show, which I don't think has anything announced for it yet.


- Sheamus will wrestle and beat someone, hopefully of importance, since he's only been doing squash matches on TV, and now has a WWE Title match on PPV

- Michael Cole will fake laugh

- Triple H makes a trifecta of "jokes" - one gay, one Mini-Me "tripod" reference, and one accidentally gay about himself

- Big Show will pick up Verne Troyer and potentially do a horrible "Fat Bastard" impression

- Kofi Kingston will continue to be awesome

- John Cena will be dismissive and goofy, but then DEADLY SERIOUS AND SHOUTING

- Evan Bourne will wrestle in the best match of the night

I bet I go at least 4 for 7.

- mitts

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