Sunday, March 6, 2011


Mere hours ago, Colt Cabana became the 82nd NWA World Heavyweight Champion (30th man to hold the belt), ending Adam Pearce's 8-days-short of a full year reign. This was Pearce's third and longest reign with the title.

It is CRAZY to see how many people, many of which (probably close to all) weren't at the NWA Hollywood taping, are congratulating Colt on his win. Although, it shouldn't come as a surprise. Colt Cabana is a man, and now a champion, of the people.

When Colt was let go by the WWE, people were pissed. But I totally believe that if this whole Scotty Goldman hire/fire business took place after he started the Art of Wrestling, people would be DOUBLE PISSED. This podcast has done more for Colt than a billion Jewish talk shows could do.

The Art of Wrestling podcast was the first of it's kind. It was a everything you loved about shoot interviews, but replace the lifeless voices that usually ask the questions and replace it with Colt Cabana. It's not a podcast done by fans that shout their opinions at you. It's not a podcast that's imitating talk radio (why someone would want to imitate that, I don't know). It's a conversation.

And it's this conversational, casual style that makes you relate to Colt in a way that you never could had he just continued on his way in WWE. He would've been hilarious, especially had he been able to employ some of the ideas he mentions in his shoot, but the realness of AOW is what gets you behind Colt.

He's just about to go live on Sunday Night Stu as the new NWA World Heavyweight Champion. So I'm going to listen to that and wonder what Harley Race or Lou Thesz would be like hosting a podcast in a studio... apartment where they talk to Wahoo McDaniel about mutton chops or something.

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