Tuesday, June 14, 2011



So, if you have been constantly refreshing this page for the past month and a half like I expect you were, you might think that I've been off doing nothing the whole time. NOT TRUE. Don't assume. It makes an ass out of the both of us, if you catch my whatever.

I've been spending most of my sweet time in two places. Before you make any kind of sexual joke (is there one? I--) I'll just get right to it: Tumblr and Fair To Flair.

My tumblr (which shows up in my Twitter feed, because I prefer my social media incestuous), is where you can find most pictures and videos I like. Fair To Flair is where you can find what I write. And it's that simple.

This blog can be a little time consuming to keep up with (blogspot, u r my n m e) so I've slowly been drifting to tumblr. BUT, that doesn't mean I won't pop in here when I'm feeling the urge (there's the joke). I may even get back to cross-posting my Raw reviews here, in case you prefer illegal pictures and full swear words over no pictures and asterisks (and a much cleaner layout, with a bunch more content, okay it's way better there than here I know shutup).

So, carry on as you were. And click these links I've laid out for you like a good mom:

Google.com (good for web searches)

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  1. Please more illegal pictures and dick jokes! I don't even buy my course kits in school why would I read essays on my own time.